Mars El Brogy: Organic Entity

Mars El Brogy talks about Organic Entity, a triple-bill of dance on Saturday 24 June, 2.45pm.

Hi there, why don’t you introduce yourself?

I’m Mars El Brogy, Producer / Manager of Salah El Brogy Company and Producer of Triple Bill | Organic Entity. I’m also Head of Video Production for ESI Media (London Evening Standard, The Independent, London Live, i100).

Nice to meet you! So, what’s the show you’re bringing to Offbeat and what’s it about?

Organic Entity is a triple bill choreographed by Anna Watkins, Neus Gil Cortes and Salah El Brogy. They’re former dancers who have danced with some of the most celebrated dance companies in the world and they have come together to do this show to amplify their choreographic voices. The show’s theme goes under body, mind and transcendence.

They’ve also worked with academics who are experts in the topics they’re exploring, so it’ll be interesting to see this marriage of dance and academia.

What kind of person do you think will enjoy this show?

A thinking person would definitely enjoy the show. You don’t necessarily have to be a dance expert, but someone with an open mind and someone who would like to see how choreographers incorporate non-dance conversations into their pieces would certainly enjoy the show.

Can you sum up the pitch for your show in 6 words?

Eclectic. Athletic. Definitely a must see.

What’s the background to the show? Why did you make it? What’s the journey been like so far?

We all operate in the same circle and we’re all in the same boat. I produce and manage Salah El Brogy Company. Salah is my husband and we set up the company in 2013 after he left Akram Khan Company, where he was lead dancer for three years. So, by creating this collective, we’ve been able to make use of everyone’s strengths and we were able to combine our networks. As the choreographers are all different in styles, it made sense to have a theme for the triple, so we didn’t just come up with a random show. We made sure that we didn’t also just put on a show, but we had artistic activities surrounding the summer tour lie workshops, a conference and also we’re making use of digital technology through live streaming in order to be able to take their work beyond the stage and beyond geographical constraints.

The journey so far has been fun but definitely with a lot of logistical challenges. We all have jobs to do in between, so we really do make sure that we devote time in order to deliver. The challenges have definitely strengthened the camaraderie between all of us.

What other cool stuff have you done that folks might like to know about?

The choreographers have done a lot of cool stuff as they’ve danced with some of the most respected companies in the world and they’ve also choreographed for platforms like Resolution Dance Festival (The Place, London) and Ignition Dance Festival (DanceWest) t just name a couple.

Recently, Anna Watkins dances for Tavaziva Dance and has recently been on tour. News Gil Cortes is a dramaturg as well as a theatre director and is also working on a project where she’s working with people in London and New York simultaneously. Salah El Brogy, being severely dyslexic, has developed Extemporaneous Dance Style, which is movement created from improvisation and remains improvised. Although he developed this initially for himself, he’s actually teaching this across prestigious dance hubs and schools in London and has recently taught this in his native Egypt. Here’s a feature he had from The Independent:

Me, as mentioned, I’m the Head of Video Production for ESI Media, so have been filming a lot and doing a lot of Facebook Lives. It has been quite busy with the elections as my team has been heavily involved in the London Evening Standard’s election video production at the same time as delivering videos for London Food Month and various arts and lifestyle videos.

Are you excited to take this show to Offbeat? Why?

We’re so excited to bring Triple Bill | Organic Entity to Offbeat because it’s great to be part of such a cool festival that’s open for all. There’s something for everyone, which is pretty much like our offering.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to folks in Oxford?

We’re really looking forward to your support and we look forward to seeing you at the Arts at the Old Fire Station on Saturday, 24 June.