Emma Webb: The Submission

Emma Webb of physical theatre company Splintered Itinerary tells us more about The Submission, here Saturday 1 July.

Hi there, why don’t you introduce yourself?

I’m Emma, I’m one third of Splintered Itinerary. We are a group of likeminded theatre artists that wanted to create something a bit more ‘on the edge’ from our usual work.  We all have different but complimentary skills, I work in movement primarily whilst the legendary Richard Jones of Electric Cabaret is a wonderful clown and mime artist and the wonderful Wayne Miller is an amazing actor.

Nice to meet you! So, what’s the show you’re bringing to Offbeat and what’s it about?

Our show is THE SUBMISSION. It’s evolved into an exploration of life’s endless submissions along with the tale of two hapless innocents who are sent deep into the mines of humanity to plant and harvest ideas. Other characters that pop up include the Carbon Copy, the paper pushers and the technicians. It’s a weird and wonderful journey of a show.

What kind of person do you think will enjoy this show?

I think that people that enjoy visual experiences and beautiful quirky characters will love this. We are lucky to be working with the wonderful Nomi Everall who until recently designed most of the sets that you will have seen at The Pegasus Theatre. She has an amazing imagination and is busy whipping up a paper based set for us (probably as we speak).  We performed a 10 minute example of the work at a scratch night and it was described as ‘Deliciously Beckettian’. It’s mysterious and complex though the characters are simple and endearing.

Can you sum up the pitch for your show in 6 words?

‘Deliciously Beckettian’, intriguing, winding, paperscrunching

What’s the background to the show? Why did you make it? What’s the journey been like so far?

Mostly we wanted to work together, for two reasons, firstly after chatting we realised we had similar artistic goals and secondly Wayne is 6’5, I’m 5’2” and Richard is neatly in the middle.  It’s comedy magic before we even begin! Also our skills all interchange neatly, I’m really interested in comedic movement so working with clowns is a joy.  The journey so far has been full of laughter, we giggle an awful lot. The piece has constantly evolved from one idea to the next.

What other cool stuff have you done that folks might like to know about?

We’ve all done loads of cool stuff. Most recently I was in BOUND by Justice in Motion ( also at OFS) . I was a chatty hotel cleaner in that whereas in THE SUBMISSION I only use two words at a time. I also work with Human Story Theatre, Under Construction Theatre and Arts at the OFS as a movement director. Richard and Wayne both work with Electric Cabaret doing the most amazing ( award winning !) street theatre. They are brilliant mime artists andcharacter actors.

Are you excited to take this show to Offbeat? Why?

ARE WE EXCITED TO BRING THIS TO OFFBEAT???? Of course we are! WE love offbeat, it’s a brilliant buzz here in the city centre, it’s been a wonderful regenerating influence on the local professional artists scene. It’s run by the two best venues in Oxford . It brings some of the best theatre around to life and to Oxford… what’s not to love?

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to folks in Oxford?

Yeah, come and see our show. In fact see as many of the shows in Offbeat as you can. , But definitely try and support the work made by home grown talents! Ours is definitely a treat though, it’s suitable for all, will make you giggle and wonder. Plus it’s all over by 6.30 so there’s plenty of time for supper afterwards.