In Bed With My Brother: We Are Ian

Three-woman troupe In Bed With My Brother bring their acclaimed show WE ARE IAN to offbeat on Friday 30 June, 6.15pm.

Hi there, why don’t you introduce yourself?

Hay. We're Nora, Dora and Kat/In Bed With My Brother. We're three idiots who've started making shows together. 

Nice to meet you! So, what’s the show you’re bringing to Offbeat and what’s it about?

The show we're bringing to you lovely lot is called WE ARE IAN. It's a show we made about our mate Ian, and his time as part of the Acid House movement in 1989. Ian narrates the whole show, and we do loads of dancing, and gurning, and partying.

What kind of person do you think will enjoy this show?

People who like music, and fun, and who are prepared to get up on their feet and dance with us. 

Can you sum up the pitch for your show in 6 words?

Beats and bass in clowny rave  

What’s the background to the show? Why did you make it? What’s the journey been like so far?

Ian asked us to make a show about his life a couple of years ago. We thought it would be a cool idea, so we had some beers with him, and we were really interested about when he started describing his memories of the Acid House scene in Manchester. We thought it was an interesting thread to follow, especially because Ian was our age back then. He gave us the music to the show (the whole show's pretty much soundtracked), and we went from there really.

What other cool stuff have you done that folks might like to know about?

We've had a really fun time with WE ARE IAN. We were afforded the opportunity through the Pleasance's Charlie Hartill fund for Theatre to take WE ARE IAN to the Edinburgh Fringe last year. That was pretty cool, we got a lot of amazing feedback, and won an award...We had a really great time there, and have been on tour with it since. 

Are you excited to take this show to Offbeat? Why?

YES WE'RE REALLY EXCITED. Offbeat's a relatively new festival, but the programme is excellent, and we're really chuffed to be able to be a part of that!

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to folks in Oxford?

Come to our show. We'll give you a fiver.*

We cannot guarantee that you will get a fiver.