Ashanti Wheeler-Artwell: British Vogue

27 - 29 June, in the Burton Tayloe Studio. Presented as a work in progress.

Life is terrifying for nearly 25-year-old Ashanti. She has no idea what she’s doing.

Unemployed, trapped in her childhood bedroom on a permanent Netflix binge, and attempting to avoid the inevitable “when are you getting a job”? Until a chance arrival encourages her to try and subvert the quarter life crisis and finally find a socially-acceptable answer to “but where are you really from?”…after just one more episode.


Ashanti is an actor, writer and poet. As a poet she has been published in several journals and publications and featured in several events including at Oxford's very own Pitt Rivers Museum and on the poetry stage at Oxfordshire's Beaconsfield festival. She performs and writes as Poetry that Unpicks, her work can be found on Instagram @poetrythatunpicks. British Vogue was her debut play.
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Photography by Hello Hann.