Thomas Page Dances: A Moment

25 - 27 June in the Old Fire Station Theatre

“‘I used to be interested in clothes, clubs, buying records. And men.
Now my life…what life?’

Responding to Bren Gosling’s play ‘Moment of Grace’ , two performers explore what it was to be gay in the 80s when the UK was full of fear and ignorance. An intimate duet moving through themes of paranoia, intimacy and oppression. The work also gives thanks to those who made it possible to say “HIV is no longer a death sentence.”

Audience feedback

“A really beautiful show, filled with movement and emotion.“


Founded in April 2016, Thomas Page Dances is a contemporary dance company presenting the work of artistic director Thomas Page. The company’s work is rooted in socio-political ideas, creating dialogues with their audiences and collaborators through the universality of the physical language. The company works with a collective of contemporary dance artists and collaborators to create new projects. 

Photography by Hello Hann.