Organic Entity

  • The Old Fire Station 40 George Street Oxford, England, OX1 2AQ United Kingdom

Choreographers Anna Watkins, Neus Gil Cortés and Salah El Brogy explore human condition across age and time, setting them against the backdrop of our current plural society.

200,000 years after evolving into anatomically modern humans there's still so much unknown, both within and outside us.

Based on scientific research, these three new dance pieces explore our animal body, our critical mind and our need for transcendence in an intense triple bill.

Ages 12+. 75 mins. In the OFS Theatre. £10.

"If angels actually do dance on the head of a pin, it’s likely they all move like El Brogy." - Trebuchet Magazine

"As a choreographer, Cortés handles the frailty and domination with a freedom and depth of detail that anchor the work in a youthful maturity." -

"Watkins has created a powerful piece." - Michael Peter Johnson