• The Old Fire Station 40 George Street Oxford, England, OX1 2AQ United Kingdom

"You step inside. The walls are on fire. There’s an envelope on the floor. The phone rings. What would you like to do?”

Welcome to ROOM, a story that we tell together. One audience member. 20 minutes. Everything is live and improvised in response to your imagination. Crazy? Surreal? Quiet? Romantic? Far out? Far in. Anything can happen.

Shall we begin?

Performances at: 11.00, 11.40, 12.20, 13.00. 14.40, 15.20, 16.00, 16.40, 17.30, 18.10, 18.50, 19.30.

Ages 7+ (any children must be accompanied by an adult). 30 minutes. In the OFS Loft. £10.

Please note that there is no step-free access to the Loft.

★★★★ "...wasn’t that a wonderful demonstration of the collaborative act of theatre? Of the joint effort between creator and audience, who need only each other and an empty space to create and share a thing between them..." -  Exeunt

"... I experienced something breathtaking and very original. Emerging from ROOM was a bit like coming out of some strange, verbal virus-induced amniotic fluid..." - Vice Motherboard

"In a more enlightened society there would be ROOM booths as regular as pubs and you could drop in any time you wanted to use your imagination." - TOTAL THEATRE